About us

BGB About Us

Beauty Glamour Box has a passion for both beauty and animals. Our love for animals became the inspiration in creating an amazing line of professional synthetic makeup brushes that you will adore. Our makeup brushes are made to be luxurious while giving you a complete flawless look and being cruelty free to our furry friends. 

All of our brushes are handcrafted by professional and skilled brush makers using only the highest quality bristles that are synthetic and vegan friendly bristles.

BGB's Goal 

Our goal is to provide you with affordable professional makeup brushes, makeup and storage in the highest quality, that you will find perfect whether you are a professional makeup artist or just starting out in the world of makeup. We believe that makeup is a beautiful way to express and inspire each other, while creating amazing art. We want to provide the very best tools to our customers, while keeping it affordable.

We are honoured that you have chosen to purchase from us to complete your beauty routine and look forward to seeing you again soon.


Love from the BEAUTY GLAMOUR BOX Team xoxo



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